Friday, 30 May 2008

Blonde moments

Last year Robyn made a rather good list of her blonde moments for the year. Since then I have thought I must make a list of my own. So here are my blonde moments so far for 2008.

Duh #1

I'm a diary freak. I can't remember anything unless I have written it in my to do list. So my diary is full of great lists of inane things to remind myself to do. Last week my car needed a new front engine mount and some rust removed from the A-pillar. So I took it to the Automotive place down the road from my flat. Before I left I remembered I also wanted to ask them to put in a new rear engine mount, a new parking light and get the guy from the panel beater's next door to call with a quote. Memory like a goldfish so I wrote myself a note. That's cool. Dropped the car off, had a chat to the guys, remembered everything extra I wanted to request and walked home. Half an hour later I get a call.

Automotive place: "Hi, can you come back please"
Me: "Yeah, why?"
AP: You've forgotten to leave us the keys to the car!

Shit. I should have written it down!

Duh #2

Started playing Word Twist on Facebook with my friends and wondering why half the words I put in there weren't coming up as available. "Stupid game" I'm thinking to myself, "cant' these young web programmers spell these days!"

Then I realise I am the problem........... I am typing in German words!!!

Duh #3

Phil and I were watching Boston Legal the other day. It's one of my fav programmes. I've been watching it for ages so where this stupid question comes from God knows.

Me: "Hey Phil, where is this set?"
Phil: "Where is what set?"
Me: "Boston Legal"
Phil: "Oh, I dunno.... Maybe Texas!!!........"