Monday, 5 November 2007

Next Generation Finn

Over the past few days I've been listening to this brilliant album from a guy who I'm tempted to describe as a much younger Neil Finn but with a really incredible beard! He's got the same trademark Finn family songwriter qualities too, brilliant lyrics, beautifully crafted songs, interesting chords, fantastic melodies, unusual instrumentation and most essential ingredient - intelligence. And surprise, surprise he does happen to be Neil's son. You couldn't mistake him as anyone other than himself though. Definitely a Finn but with his own distinct sound. This guy has to be one of NZ's most interesting songwriters.

I'm dying to see him play live. I heard that he can play an entire gig all by himself by using just a loop pedal and a stage full of guitars, drums and other effects he plays one at a time himself - but all together at once!!! Gig goes something like this:

Start playing as few bars of bass line through the loop pedal (using guitar through octave fx), kill bass sound, add guitar riffs over the top of the already revolving bass
line, then with new guitar layer laid over the top ditch the guitar for a stint on drums and add in a bit of singing. Instant one man band! I couldn't imagine how this could possibly work. Not for an entire song!
It's hard enough in my band with just two people to play everything! But I finally saw proof the other day on YouTube that this actually works really well! Don't know what we are grumbling about in our band after seeing this!

So if you want to see something truely entertaining check out the video links below. A one man band example which he plays in a very animated style. Never seen anyone play drums with this much enthusiasm before! And see if you can figure out how the Parnell Chapel video is done because I can't! Very clever. Did he do a lot of running around the camera or is it just clever digital effects? A bit of both maybe?

Apart from that this album is really really really good! So get out and grab a copy! It's brilliant. And if you want to read more, you can see a great Liam interview (and ahem! these photos again) in NZ Musician mag.

Example of loopy one man band gigging
Gather To The Chapel Video
NZ Musician interview

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realise Neil Finn and procreated! I couldn't hear anything of course and you should try and listen to it without sound - it's very comical!!

When my hearing is fixed I'll come back and let you know. And by the way - my back button is green, not black. I would prefer it to be bright pink with yellow polka dots - but these programmers are useless at providing users with what they want - they make boring nerdy safe decisions 99.999% of the time. Guess we have to get more creative INTPs programmers :)


Bron said...

Yeah, Neil has another son called Elroy too who I think can play drums.

That does look funny without sound. He looks even more of a maniac!

Teach yourself programming, then you can make your own yellow polka dot browser. And at the same time you'll find out where those boring grey things come from! :-)