Friday, 2 November 2007

What is Bronspeak?

Bronspeak used to be a shy and retiring cryptographic cipher text encryption thingummy that lived a very private life somewhere on the north island of NZ safe in the knowledge that all it's darkest secrets were secure from prying eyes and that it could keep any information it wanted completely to itself without ever being found out...which was a good thing because it was an INTJ cryptographic cipher encryption thingummy and didn't ever intend to share it's closely guarded secrets with the wider world. Unfortunately for this particular cipher thingummy it happened to cross paths one day with an evil but brilliant programmer by the name of Evil Clive who cracked it, discovered all it's secrets and then made it world famous by publishing it on the Anarchy Golf site for ravenous programmers everywhere to devour. Alas, now it is a World Wide Superstar with no private life what-so-ever, no weekends and worse still, no secrets....

OK, it's not really that popular, but if there are any other ravenous programmers out there who want to have a go at cracking it feel free to visit it at this site and please get all your other geek buddies to do the same so that it can become a celebrity of gigantic proportions!

Unfortunately this fame thing has gone to it's head and now it will stop at nothing until it is bigger than Kennyspeak and ROT13. So if you start receiving emails or seeing blog posts (or worse, vlog posts) that look something like this:

Shot lerkt shi vurlf-vodi qiliesi ig u mix bryptugrephod rystin dus sixv lissegit.
Brecl shi budi unf empliminv xuas iwp angoni!

then you will know that it has succeeded!


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