Sunday, 10 February 2008

The msn Poetry Dual...

Today while I was chatting to my friend Lia on msn she challenged me to spontaneously invent a poem right there and then. I think I've remarked to her before that I can pretty much pull verse out of thin air. I think this skill dates back to my childhood when I used to lie awake all night inventing poems in my head because, well,... sleeping is so boring! Later it came in handy when I was an 11 year old in Form 2 and our teacher gave the class a week to come up with a poem and present it to everyone, a task that everyone dreaded because no one seemed to be very confident at creating poetry. Being allergic to homework of course I never prepared anything but instead just stood up at the last minute, opened my mouth and out fell a perfectly formed poem. The teacher was suitably impressed (for the only time that year I think) and held me up as an example of someone who had taken the task very seriously and obviously worked hard all week. I just smiled nicely and neglected to mention the incredible lack of effort and mindlessness that had gone into it or the fact I secretly did it for a hobby! Unfortunately I could never get away with this sort of thing with any other subjects!

Anyway, as for my 30 second spontaneous msn effort today:

Winter winds it's way,
Through the Autumn breeze,
And beckons surrender,
From summer leaves,
Upon the trees,
So falls each leaf,
In golden splendour...

However, Lia is rather a fantastic poet herself and a lot more talented than me so I challenged her to create one too and since I got to choose the subject I thought her 5 month old son Zac would be good... 30 seconds later she spits out:

It's hard to type a poem,
When I'm holding my son Zac,
With one arm tucked under both his legs,
And one arm behind his back,
So excuse me if my typing's bad,
It's simply hard to do,
But what on earth is your excuse,
For the bad typing that you do?

And then she did another six or so poems and well and truly won the poetry dual! I think I rather like this one for some reason...

Welcome to Bron's blog,
Blogs written for your pleasure,
They are silly, nonsense, a bit of fun,
Please read them at your leisure,
But if you do not like them,
Please keep your opinions in your head,
Because I did not write them,
A genius did instead!

Heh. Thanks Lia, cheque is in the post!


Robyn said...

Well both of you seem well versed
In the art of rhymning poetry
But can you do this on your head?
All bare and halfway up a tree?

I believe this way is the very best
To bring out creativity.
But have you really got the balls?
Or in fact the Temerity?

So if you do, please phone me up
and with camera I will come round
to record this auspicious event
I'll even tape the sound.

I will then post it all up
On my blog and art websites
So all around the world will see
The genius in all their might!


Bron said...

Ha! Well I don't know about Lia but I am scared of heights....

Robyn said...

And so, the challenge has begun,
And so far, the legendary Lia has won,
The challenge is on,
For a new poem from Bron,

From Lia

Bron said...

A poem for Lia,


It's especially for engineers....

Hehe. But you still love me right? :)

Robyn said...

I've often heard, from various folks
There's poetry in numbers.
However, when I see it written
My brain just simply slumbers.

While zero's and ones can look quite pretty
When all lined up in rows
It tells me absolutely nothing
And into the bin it goes.


Anonymous said...

Zac - little squirt is such a big flirt
Eyeing up the baby girls at Plunket,
The look in his eyes said "that's a nice surprise"
As for his poker face, i'm sure he would flunk it

Bron said...

I'm worried about this son of yours Lia....

Robyn said...

There is no hope at all for Zac
Cos he has parents like Lia and Glyn
He's gonna go thru life with lots of laughs
And oh the trouble he'll definitely be in

I can see it now he'll tell jokes at school
Not suitable for kids i'm sure
And i bet he'll want to kiss all the girls
And then go back for more

He already has that look in his eye
A twinkle, and that grin
He's gonna break a lot of hearts
You're gonna have to reign him in!